AIHL 2017 Indigenous Pucks

  • $12.00

These beautifully crafted indigenous pucks come in 3 designs, each representative of the rich heritage of the Indigenous culture in Australia.

Note: Each Indigenous puck comes with a transparent display case.

1. Snake:
This artwork shows the snake as a representation of protecting Land, Community and Culture.
The snake travels around the main camping ground to protect his family and community so that the next generation grow up learning about their culture and heritage.
The following generations will travel to other camping grounds to share their history and knowledge with other communities.

2. Turtle:
The artwork tells the story of the turtle and his journey.
The turtle travels around the many water holes to find his community and to reconnect with his family.
This story relates to many aboriginal people who continue to search for their families and to reconnect with their cultural heritage.

3. Kangaroo:
This artwork represents the spirit of the kangaroo who travels across many camping grounds and communities to share his stories, culture and tradition.
This relates to many aboriginal people today who continue to carry and share the knowledge and stories of their culture.
This helps connect with many other communities who share the same values, culture and spirituality.

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