2021 Player Sponsorship

This is your opportunity to sponsor your favorite player or players for the 2020 AIHL season. Every year we ask every player to secure a sponsor to help us in creating a COST NEUTRAL season experience.

In recognition of your $1500 sponsorship contribution, the club will provide -

  • A merchandise Gift Pack.
  • Two tickets to every home game in the SPONSORS section of the grandstand.
  • One 'One Hour Player Visit' [by your favourite] to your company or event per season. 
  • Invitation for 2 people to attend 4 Ice Business Club events throughout the season.
  • 20% Discount to a VIP Table upgrade to celebrate your special [friends or clients] event at your home game of choice.
  • Your name or Company featured alongside your player on the Game Day e-book and big screen player announcements.
  • An autographed A3 Framed Photo of thanks.

After the costs of seating, parking, merchandise and administration [usually about 40%], players receive the balance of the funds towards their equipment, parking and other 'out of pocket' expenses involved in playing in the AIHL.

Imports are also able to be sponsored [$2,500.00 per season], and this greatly assists the club in covering the high annual costs of 'Accommodation, Travel and Flights'. 

Players are welcome to have more than one sponsor in a single season.

Player Sponsorship will become available after April 2, 2021, after selection of the team. If you would like to register your interest in sponsoring a specific player beforehand, please send us an email to info@melbourneice.com.au 

NOTE : Existing 2021 Members will receive a special upgrade offer of only $1,200 per player.

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